Sunday, 30 August 2009

Catching up...again!

It's been a while again hasn't it? Sorry.

Ok so what has been going on in Claire land? Well those of you who Face book with me (click the link, you know you want to) will know that Richard and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary last week. We have actually been together eighteen years (yes I was 16), but only married for the last nine. I had a lovely bouquet of flowers delivered, bless him, he never forgets.

Some of you also know of my tattoo plans (thanks for the sound effects Blu!!). A few of you know what I'm having and where, but I'm not telling here. I will post a photo when the deed has been done on the 8th Sept. Listen for the screaming about ten in the morning!!

Jamie is fully recovered now. His tummy scar is still a little sore, but this is as much to do with the plaster as the wound itself. It seems he has inherited a tendency to be allergic to some dressings. We shall have to watch that in future. I wish I had half his energy. He was up at 2am this morning, went back to sleep for a hour around 7.30, and he's bouncing round like he's had 12 hours!!! Now I remember when 2am was the time to crawl into bed after doing something your mother wouldn't approve of (although my parents were so liberal and laid back they were almost horizontal!). Now I'm groping around for my glasses so that I can change a nappy and a wet bottom sheet, oh how did my life get this glam!!

Still at least the silly season is almost over. Yesterday was the last busy changeover day, we hope. It's just so intense for about eight weeks, manic. Then we get the rest of the year off, in theory. But the best laid plans and all that. Are we taking bets on a rush of late lets for the autumn? Not that I should knock it, it's our living after all. Or it is for now. The novelty has well and truly worn off and next year might be our last year. No idea what we'll, or rather what Rich, will do instead but hey something will turn up, usually dose.

So that's us for now. x

Monday, 17 August 2009

Bad blogger!!!

Oh dear it has been too long since I blogged!! The culprit is Face Book. Because so many of you are there I can catch up with you all and forget about my poor blog!

So what has been happening in Claire land recently. Honestly? Well not much actually. And to be honest that's been nice after the last few weeks of madness. Dad is getting better by the day. Jamie has bounced right back (and not sleeping much, so we know he's fine!!).

You will all (especially a couple of you, you know who you are) be please to know that I have decided to leave the Twilighting to FB and not bore you all with it on here. I heard that round of applause Annicles!!

I had an email from my agent the other day to say that she was very positive about selling DV, so fingers crossed. She seems to think we may start to hear something next month when the hols are over. I am living proof that it can be done, so all of you fellow writers out there don't despair and keep going.

And to go off on another random angle. I have decided to start trying to potty train Jamie again. We gave it a go last summer, but with no luck. If anyone out there has any hints for potty training a profoundly autistic child who is also non verbal, then please share.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Catching up...

We're back. Properly this time, not dashing off again. It has been a some what intense week or so.

First of all the wedding. It was wonderful. I think the pics say it all really. Everyone had a great time. It was a shame we couldn't stay till the bitter end. But it was a child free wedding so Jamie spent the day with my aunt. We didn't want to leave him there too long so we left about eight. But it was worth the 250 miles and the jam on the M5! One of the best things was realising that I'm not the only 30something Twilighter! (this is my blog and I'll Twilight if I want to!). Arrangements are being made for a girlie weekend when 'New Moon' come out in November.

And then we were off to Bristol. They do everything they can to make it all as easy as possible, but it's still hard. Apart from anything else there is so much waiting around.
The op itself didn't go as well as expected. They had a problem getting the shunt tube where they wanted which meant a quick trip to the scanner and then back to theatre to redo it. We didn't know any of this until it was all over fortunately.
Throughout it all Jamie was a star. And now he seems back to his old self (he was up at 2.30 this morning so he must be feeling better). Fingers crossed that this is it. There will be follow ups of course, and other appointments for his other conditions, but hopefully the hydrocephalus is sorted.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Short and sweet part two.

This is me and Heather (Hevs).

We're back. Till the morning anyway

The wedding was fab, really great. If you go to my facebook page you can see all the pics. but here are a couple.
Off the Bristol in the morning so they can drill holes in Jamie's head, gulp.