Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I've been given an award by the lovely Carol. I reall don't deserve it!!! I have been a bad blogger friend to you all. So thank you Carol for keeping the faith. I am supposed to share five things I like and pass it on to ten of you. But I don't know who has already had it/done it. And anyway I feel mean only choosing ten, when you're all so fab. So if you want it then it is yours with my love.
So my five things I like. I'm thinking you can guess several of them!!! And these are in no particular order of prefrence.

1/ Cornwall. I've lived here 15 years at least and I couldn't live anywhere else now. I do love the city, but I don't think I was ever truely a city girl.

2/ Chocolate! What can I say? I'm a girl.

3/ Twitter/facebook/blogland. I have made some wonderful friends via these places. And can keep in touch with old friends I never get to see.

4/ Ummm Robert Pattinson. Yeah, he's ok, don't mind him.

5/ Reading, anything, everything. You still can't beat a proper book.

I didn't mentim family as I assume it's a given that I love them to bits.