Thursday, 30 July 2009

Short and sweet.

This is just a short post to say goodbye for a few days. We're off in the morning till Monday. I might be back online Tuesday, but then we're off again Weds to Bristol for Jamie's op.

BTW I went for the black nail polish in the end. And they are my own nails!
See you all next week xxxxx

Monday, 27 July 2009

Summer....or not!

Well Saturday was summer, that was it, one day. Yesterday it suddenly became October! Today, well it's still not sure :/

As some of you know from face book I had a rather stressful day last week. Dad suddenly took a turn for the worse. We got the doc out, there were blood tests and chest x-rays. His breathing had become very shallow and we all thought he would be going right back into hospital. Turns out he was just very anemic and is now on liquid iron supplement and thriving again. So one disaster averted.
However we had just said goodbye to the doc for dad when Richard called.
'Don't panic.' He says. Ok choose the two word that are instantly going to make me have kittens!
'Can you come and pick me up from the hospital?'
'What!!!' Ok Claire breathe. 'Why?'
'I had a funny turn and they took me in.'
It turns out that he was feeling a bit pants so he went to make a doctors appointment. When the receptionist called up his history on screen and saw he'd had a heart attack she sent him to the cottage hospital across the road. The then did an angiogram (spelling?). But they weren't happy so they called an ambulance.
He was fine. All he'd done was pulled a muscle in his shoulder which was causing the pain!!!
But I didn't know that until I got there. So I drove like a Cullen all the way, speed limits, what speed limits? Jamie in the back thinking mummy has finally lost it. When we got there he was standing outside waiting for us, like nothing was wrong. And a slightly sheepish look it has to be said.
He drove home!

So everyone is fine. Deep breaths all round.

On a completely different note my pink feather boa has just arrived. Some of you know about this.
It's the wedding this weekend so we're off on Friday. All those that were at the hen weekend have got to bring a pink feather boa for the reception. There is talk of dancing with them!!!! Ok I don't dance, can't dance, gulp. I think a lot of alcohol will be needed!

I have my dress. It's black and lacy. Yes I know it's a wedding, but this is H's wedding. All will clear when you see the pics next week. Let's just say it will all be very Gothic, so black is fine, especially with blood red, 5 inch heels!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Reasons to be cheerful....

Dad came home on Thursday. I can't say he's fine, but he is much better. He's confined to upstairs and can't get out of bed much, but he's well in himself. He has a couple of cracking scars and still has a feeding tube, which he hates. But at least he's home. And his doc is very pleased with how everything went. So it's just a matter of time now while he heals.

And Jamie gave me a lay in this morning! Those of you on face book will know that the other day he decided to get up at 1.30am!!!!!!!!! Well he made up for it today. I woke at about nine with a sudden panic that he wasn't knocking to get up (he knocks on the inside of his door when he want to get up). I went to check him but he was still fast asleep. So I went back to bed, hurahh. Luckily for me Richard had given me the day off today. Usually I would be working on a Saturday. So it worked out perfectly. I got a proper lay in, the first for.....ummm....can't remember.

My agent now has 'Digging for Victoria' on ten CD's to send out, fingers crossed.

Now it the climate would just hurry up and remember that it's summer!?!? Ok rain is good. The gardens need it etc. But really, enough already!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Ok now I can tell you.

I'm so excited!! You may remember a few posts back I was talking about subbing 'Digging for Victoria' to agents? Well one said YES!!!!

I got the email last week and wanted so much to tell everyone. But I was scared to until I had signed on the dotted line. Well I did that today, just now in fact. So I now have a proper contract with a proper literary agent who wants to sell my novel. Someone pinch me or something! :)

She has said lots of very nice things and seems confident that she can get me published. I'll wake up soon I know I will. How long have I dreamed about this? Can't remember, too long.

So you see it can be done. Hell if I can manage it then anyone can.

Bloody hell I'm a proper writer, with a agent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

It was worth it!!

Wow that was bloody brilliant! I want to go again, now! The pic to the left is of the girls outside the theatre. The pic to the right is of H the 'blushing' bride to be. We were working it out that we have been friends nearly 20 years, where did that go?
The journey up was long, but good. I took my CD walkman and Twilight audio book (I know, I know) and quite enjoyed myself. A night on H's sofa, with L on the other sofa and two kittens bouncing around was also fun. Then London. We went to Camden, a part of London I hadn't been to before. I loved it. I could have spent a fortune if I hadn't got to cart it around all weekend!! And two of the girls turned out to be fellow Twilighters, result!!
As for the show. Go, you must. It was amazing. You must go and see for yourself. Everything about it was just awesome. I want to go again, anyone interested? After the show it was back to the hotel to generally mess about until 3am. There was wine and chocolate and face packs (you are NOT seeing that photo, although someone, you know who you are, posted it on her facebook page!!!).
SO now it's back to reality. Dad had his op yesterday and it went really well. They are very pleased with him. Such a relief.
As for the other news. Still nothing signed yet. But I will tell all when I can. So things have turned on their head some what. Life can change completely just like that.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

A new blog and a bit of news..

Right I'm off, well I will be in the morning. Finally got the bus ticket fiacso sorted. I did as rainbowmummy said and called them. I cancelled the email ticket and went into the tourist info place in town and bought a ticket, just like that. So now I have it in my Prada messenger bag (name dropper!!) all ready. And yes Pauline it is the show with Jason Donovan.

I am taking the camera but I'm not promising the quality of the photos. It will rather depend on how much alcohol is involved. And as I'm not driving.... Anyway You will get all the gory details next week. But I may put them on a new blog I have been invited to be part of. Dirty British Girls. I think the name speaks for itself!!! Please come and say hi.

So other news. Well poor Jamie has got something called ursicaria (I'm not sure it that's how you spell it.) He came up in a really itcy red rash all over his body on Tuesday evening. A trip to the docs revealed it's this ursicaria. It is an allergic reaction to something he's ingested, but no idea what. We keep a food diary for him because of his digestive problems, but nothing seems to be new to his diet. My first thought was oh well that's the trip off then. But he's fine. Still really happy and bouncy, just itchy. And Richard has more or less insisted I go and 'have a life' as he put it. But I shall leave my phone on all weekend.

And now for some news on the writing front. You may remember that a while ago I started subbing 'Digging for Victoria' to agents? Well a few weeks ago one came back and asked to read the whole thing. Well that happened with 'Mulberry Gin' but it came to nothing. However this time...well let's just say it's better news. Nothing has been signed yet so I'm not going to go into details.

So I will see you next week! By then there should be some news on dad. The op is Monday morning. Everything crossed. I hope my good news isn't going to be eclipsed by something really, really bad.