Saturday, 24 October 2009

Scattered Leaves

Oh dear has it really been that long since I last blogged???
The trouble is that most of you lovelies are either on Face Book or Twitter so I can keep up with you all everyday. However I used to love my little blog world so I'm going to try and make myself spend some time here at least once a week. I'm not half as busy as some of you and you all manage it!!

So a brief update. Jamie is loving school, doing really well. His shunt seems to have made a big difference, he's so more responsive. Let's hope it continues.

Dad is getting better and better. In fact you really wouldn't know there had been much wrong with him!! I am starting to look forward to Christmas now I know he'll be there for it.

I have a new tattoo!! Well loads actually if you count them individually, which I haven't done yet. But I have a large constellation of solid black and open stars in a wave across my lower back (yes I know a tattoo there is called a slag tag). I would love to get it extended all up my left side and have it circle around my 'Be safe', but Rich not keen, I'll talk him round. I will almost certainly have some of the open ones coloured in in purple though.

Anyone who Face books with me will know my little obsession with Twilight and Rob Pattinson. Well the new film is out soon and I finally got tickets booked!! A group of us are all going together so heaven help Scotts in Barnstaple on the 21st November!!! I haven't looked forward to anything quite so much for a long time. And I have entered a comp to win tickets to the LA premier on 16th, keep it all crossed for me!!!!

And now for the reason for this post. As you know a few weeks ago the fab D J Kirkby was giving away copies of 'Scattered Leaves' by Richard E. Roach. And I won a copy! I promised to Post a review here when I finished it.

It's not the sort of book I would have chosen I have to admit, not my subject matter at all. But I try to be open minded in all things.
I was a little uncomfortable with the graphic violence, particularly the many rapes. But I can see that they were vital to the story. It makes you realise that bad things really can happen to anyone for no good reason.
Roach created characters that you cared about. You wanted them to get away with things and to end up the way they did. It really was a page turner.
If I had one criticism it was with some of the dialogue, a little clunky at times. But this didn't detract too much. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who likes something a little different to the conventional romance, because that is basically what it is. But be prepared to feel sick as well as happy and angry.

I will also post a review on amazon D J. And thank you. I also won a copy of 'Motorbikes, ducks and crispy sweet apples' by Christopher I King. I will be reading and reviewing soon. But I promised Lucy that I would read 'Hens reunited' next. Watch this space (but not too closely as it might be a bit like watching paint dry!)


French Fancy said...

It's funny knowing you now on Facebook - it is like filling all the gaps into the bloggy you I knew already.

So glad to know your dad is getting so much better - after all it was your poignant posting about his illness that made me seek you out that time - so glad I did.

Carol said...

I have been so bad about going onto Facebook recently!! Head has been stuck in Uni books....I'm missing catching up with everyone so I'm glad that you blogged :-)

Over the moon to hear that Jamie is doing so well and that your Dad is well and truly on the mend!!

Picture of tatoo please!!!

C x

Tam said...

TD tells me it's called a Tramp Stamp around these parts but I reckon yours is lovely and tasteful :-)

So glad your dad is better. Don't beat yourself up about blogging too often but do keep in touch!

Debs said...

Your tattoo/s sound fab - bet they hurt though.

I'm going to see New Moon on 20th Nov and can't wait. Going with a friend and daughter is going with a couple of her friends too.

Glad to hear that Jamie and your Dad are doing so well. Good news.

KatW said...

Pleased that Jamie is loving school and that your Dad is doing so well.
I'm also looking forward to the New Moon movie. If that's sad, as you say, then so be it - I'm sad.
I think it's great that you express yourself with your tattoos. I especially like your avatar photo, very cool.

Blu said...

Anyone who Face books with me will know my little obsession with Twilight and Rob Pattinson. LOL little obsession?????

I have no idea who he is or what Twilight is either.LOL...Blu lost in France


Helloooo, So good to hear that your Dad and Jamie are doing fine and dandy. A tatto! Wow! :-) TFx

DJ Kirkby said...

Looking forward to seeing photos of your tatts, you mad woman. Glad Jamie and your dad are well!

Leigh said...

I hadn't caught up with the bit about your Dad being ill - I'm sorry. Worrying, isn't it? !! Glad he's okay now.

JonnyWalker said...

It's funny knowing you now on Facebook

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