Sunday, 17 October 2010

Wow it's been a while!!

Goodness it's been a while! I know some of you are on Twitter with me. If you're not, I wouldn't. It's not really a safe place to be.

So to update you all.

Back in Feb things were all building up to my New York trip. I spent a week there in mid March and all I can say is GO! OMG it is the most amazing place. I know everyone says how addictive it is, and I didn't believe it. But it really is. There are already plans to go back in April. If it come off then I will be there!!

But I'm not done yet. In four weeks I fly back to the US. This time to Atlanta. From there we drive to Baton Rouge. Why? watch the latest Twilight film being made of course!! is there any other reason to do anything?

And once again I have never met any of the girls I am going out there to meet/stay with. I know them all via Twitter. It's amazing what a close community there is on there. I have met several of my Twitter girls now and they have always been such lovely people.

So in 28 days I will be in the air again!!! I will try to be here a bit more. I do miss you all.

Big hugs all round xxxx