Thursday, 21 January 2010

Grovel, grovel!!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I have been a VERY bad blogger. You all have every right to never talk to me again. I hang my head and beg forgiveness.

I have been blogging, like mad. Just not here. And..umm...well they are not blogs I want to share here.
But I promise I will make the time to be here again. I have been missing some of you. A lot of you are on face book and twitter and I have been catching up with you there. But it's not the same. And you're not all there.

So a very quick catch up.
Jamie turned 6 last week. Six! I really can't believe that, so scary where the time goes.
Dad is now fully recovered. In fact you wouldn't know there had ever been anything wrong.
My agent has given me a deadline for the first draft of Times Mistress for the end of March. A bit scsrly, but I shall do my best.
And talking of March. Some of you know about this already. But I'm going to New York for a few days. I'm so excited!! It's all Robert Pattinson related, so I won't bore you here. But it's going to be great, I hope. I'm flying out alone and meeting a group of girls out there.
And I have also been invited to go to Vancouver in October for a week. But that's Rob'Twilight related to, so again won't bore you.

And so here's to 2010. Let's hope we all get what we want from it.


Debs said...

Happy belated birthday to Jamie and many congratulations to your dad. What a relief for you to see him well again.

Good luck with the book and your fab trips. What a lot you have to look forward to. I think 2010 is definately going to be a fantastic year for you.

Paulene Angela said...

Oh it's really great to read some super news. Your dad, Jamie, the book and the trips.

Will you find time to squeeze in the blog?

Blu said...

It is all happening for you at the moment!!! brilliant enjoy!

French Fancy said...

Hello again here - we wondered where you'd got to (except for the fact that I did take a peek at one of the other blogs. Real fantasy stuff).


Carol said...

Well hello stranger!! It's lovely to see you back here hon and to hear all your exciting news!! (and don't worry about not blogging so much...I've been pretty rubbish too...and I can't trust myself to log into Facebook because I fear if I do I shall never get my Uni stuff finished!!)

Tell us a bit more about your trips away...even if they are Rob related

C x

PS. Brilliant news about your Dad hon...I am so pleased to hear that :-D. Oh, and happy birthday to wee Jamie too. x

DJ Kirkby said...

How incredibly exciting that your agent loves your work enough to give you deadlines. Happy belated birthday Jamie (it was N3S's birthday on the 20th!). Fantastic news about your dad. As for the rest of your RP related post, meh, he's too young but could you bring back some Hershey's Kisses please? xo

HelenMHunt said...

I'm being a bad blogger as well at the moment, so I'm happy to dispense forgiveness freely.

Wonderful news about your Dad.

Carol said...

There is an award over at mine for you :-)

C x